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Paris Meditation 2 (Homework Assignment)

The Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower was erected in 1889 by Stephen Sauvestre and Enginieer Gustave Eiffel (Compagnie des Etablissements Eiffel) for the 1889 World’s Fair. It was designed to be the entrance arch and was instantly despised by the

:) Fulbright ETA to Taiwan

Hey all,   It has been awhile… but… I got accepted to the Fulbright Scholarship! I will be going to Taiwan in August to teach English for a year

Why I Didn’t Like the Floating Market

“You wan’ buy fan hat?” said the older lady as she leaned down to pull our boat right up against her stall. No, lady, I do not want to buy your fan hat, or t-shirt or crappy looking chopsticks. At


Hej hej, ciao, hallo & hi! The past few months have been some of the craziest of my life and I’ve done exactly what I said I would not do – stop documenting my travels. I’m so ashamed of not

Countdown to Colombia: 36 Days

Hola todos,  So many things have been happening lately that it almost seems surreal. But it’s not, and I’m GOING TO COLOMBIA IN 36 DAYS OH MY GOODNESS. So…updates:  1. I am leaving los estados unidos on May 22nd at 1:45AM. This


Since I finished my Erasmus year in Spain in September 2013, this has been the first chance I’ve had to jet off again to good old España , it’s also the first time since then that I’ve been able to

Avoiding the Death Train

Email: 3 August 2013 12:26 Me:”We were meant to be on an overnight train back to Bangkok but Adams parents sent him a thing about there being two crashes on that line in the last month and seven in the last

Keep Updated Through Facebook

Hi guys, As many of you probably already know, I publish on my main blog as well as SGG. This isn’t a post to get you to go over there. I realise that it can be difficult to keep track

Cooking in Chiang Mai (Lots of Photos)

This was the day we had originally set aside for going to Patara Elephant Farm. Since we did our elephant experience in Laos, we decided to do a cooking course instead. A man came to get us at our hotel and

Valpo is on fire. Literally.

So just a couple short weeks after the earthquake hit Iquique, Chile (and the citizens of Viña were evacuated due to tsunami warnings) another tragedy struck: a giant fire, forcing thousands upon thousands of people to evacuate their homes. This

Český Krumlov Castle Gardens


Paris Meditation 1 (Homework Assignment)

The Arc de Triomphe The construction on the Arc de Triomphe was started on August 15, 1806 and the Arc was inaugurated on July 29, 1836. It stands 50m high, 45m wide and 22m deep.  It is located on the

View from Český Krumlov’s Castle and Tower


Chiang Mai Temples and Surprises

The surprise is right at the end of my post. Forgive my craftiness. My jaw dropped. August 3rd – Saturday – Chiang Mai Quite a western breakfast for us this morning. Went to a really sweet little cafe a few

Český Krumlov, Day 1

March 8 This week we developed the plan to go visit the Czech town of Český Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage site to the southwest of Prague. I had heard a little about this town before arriving, in guidebooks and “1000 places to

Hong Kong #23: CityU Football Tournament

  This week we played an amazing football tournament in which 6 teams participated with players from all over the world. Although I twisted my ankle and it’s now sprained, the tournament was a huge success. Our team, formed with exchange


As I begin my last term of school and trek into the last days here in Ghana I have no idea what is in store for me.   But all I know is that from this point on my journey

Realizing Reality…

Hello!! So it’s been a while since I’ve shared anything with everyone…so sorry for the delay! But it seems like time is just flying by so I’ve been trying to enjoy life a little bit haha Recently I visited Insadong,

Animation Workshop

March 1 Today was the day half of the film studies group (allowed to mix with our screenwriting peers, a rare occasion) went back to Hafan Animation Studios for a workshop. Once we arrived we were given some hot tea (yumm –


13TH JANUARY 2014 I’m recently into sushi,those conveyor belt sushi to be specific. Haha so I decided to try kappa sushi while on my way to Don Quijote to buy that white thing to put my plates and stuff shown

Roma! (and the best hostel ever)

This is part three of my Easter travels, read part one (Paris) and part two (Pompei)! Roma! 4/2-4/4 We took an early train to Roma Termini, without a hostel booked or much planned. We went to the tourism center in

Pompei, Traveling to Italy, & Stress

This is part two of my easter vacation. Read part one (Paris)! Pompei and Getting to Italy 3/31-4/1 Took a night train to Napoli Centrale before hitting a metro to Pompei, where I was about a mile away from my

Paris: Sights, Smells, and Euromen

I think it’ll be best for me to post for each place i’ve visited so here is the first leg of my journey. I’ll probably add some pictures later as well. Paris 3/28-3/31 Down side: I took iDBUS to Paris

Pitches & Animation

February 28 This Friday, the morning of the 28th, was my film studies production track’s film pitches. These had been talked up more and more as the date approached. This is the day when we, in our self-appointed groups of three

Here I Go Again

As I write this I’m currently on my way back to Japan. Difference is this time I’m skipping class for 2 days and staying a total of 4 days the week before midterms. Should I really be skipping class? Absolutely.

SAS landing sighting

    #tbt to the first land sighting of the Semester at Sea summer 2012 voyage   Land Sighting! First time seeing land after 8 long days at sea. One guy on my deck declared this a view of “downtown

I wrote a poem about food

I miss American food sometimes, even though I just LOVE Italian food.

Rock Art in Bulawayo

Since the trip from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls is long, we split up the 30+ hours of travel with a day exploring Bulawayo. I didn’t have much expectation of this day between travel but when we asked the owner of our hostel,

The recognition of family heritage through a weekend trip to Northern California

This past weekend, my younger brother and I flew to San Jose to spend the weekend with my family and for him to meet my Uncle Nick. It was a trip that reminded me the importance of my family heritage.

April 3rd-7th: Beni Millal, Staying with the Sheikh in Zaouiat Ahansal, and Marrakech round two

Our last of the school sponsored trips of the semester was a five day adventure to Beni Millal, Zaouiat Ahansal, and Marrakech. We left Amideast early on Thursday morning and drove towards Beni Millal. Having heard horrible stories from the

London Calling

This post is going to start with a disclaimer- this is going to be another one of those self-reflective, pseudo-analytical pieces I’m so fond of. I recently went back to London for the first time since the summer at the

Spring Break 5/5: Casablanca and Reflections

For spring break, we were given a week off from classes. Everyone traveled during this week and the group split into branches. Some went to England, others to Turkey, some more to Marseilles, some stayed and traveled in Morocco and

Spring Break 4/5: Ouarzazate

For spring break, we were given a week off from classes. Everyone traveled during this week and the group split into branches. Some went to England, others to Turkey, some more to Marseilles, some stayed and traveled in Morocco and

Spring Break 3/5: Agadir

For spring break, we were given a week off from classes. Everyone traveled during this week and the group split into branches. Some went to England, others to Turkey, some more to Marseilles, some stayed and traveled in Morocco and

Spring Break 2/5: Tangier and Marrakech

I don’t think Ben really believed me about the street harassment in Tangier until he spent some time walking next to me. Spain was a nice escape from it all. Men would stop and turn and follow us, calling after

Verona Anytime Visit (Homework Assignment)

San Zeno Basilica After Saint Zeno’s death (San Zeno) in 380 a small church was erected by Theodoric the Great.  The crypt of the church dates back to the 10th century and since 921 has housed the body of Saint

Disappointed and Concerned… Please Help!

Well, I thought everything was going great. I got my application sorted, my passport renewed, working on scholarships… everything seemed to be falling into place. Until yesterday. I had a meeting with a professor yesterday about the possibility of doing

London Meditation 2 (Homework Assignment)

St. Paul’s Cathedral St. Paul’s Cathedral is the center of worship and teaching in London because it houses the Bishop of the Diocese of London, The Right Reverend and Right Honorable Richard Chartres.  In 604 the foundation of the Cathedral

The Little Things

As the end of the semester creeps closer and closer, I can’t help but ponder my departure from France. When I first landed in France a bit of homesickness set in and my return home seemed like a million years


So the day after Trinity Ball, we hauled ourselves out of bed and to the airport to go to Amsterdam. We couldn’t have planned this trip better! We stayed at The Flying Pig Uptown hostel which was right around the

Trinity Ball 2014

I think Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons had it right in “December 1963.” What a night. Trinity Ball 2014 was unbelievable. Apparently, it is the biggest private party in Europe. They shut down the entire campus at 5pm on

Lagos, Portugal

This past weekend I went with Discover Excursions to Lagos Portugal. I have to say it was the most relaxing weekend I’ve had ever. Seriously, 10/10 totally recommend for a relaxing getaway weekend. The only sad thing is that it

I also went to Barcelona!

Hello again! I promise I actually attend classes and have tests and schoolwork – but I know you guys don’t reaaaaally want to hear about that SO I have to keep travelling to keep my devoted readers interested. Me and

Arriving in Zim

We set out for Zim on the bus last Saturday after a wonderful birthday hanging out at Neighbourgoods Market, a drink at Great Dane and hanging out for a coffee at HEI cafe. Braamfontein on a Saturday might be my

From Coast to Coast

  Not a bad view, right? I’ve certainly come to love it. A little bit about myself: I grew up in a small town in Connecticut that—if pressed to sum it up in one word—many would choose stagnant. As such, I

August 6, 1945: At 8:15am, peace was born in Hiroshima

[I said in an earlier post that I would talk about my trip to the 原爆ドーム / A-bomb Dome and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. This is that post. Mind you that I am no expert on the events that unfolded

New host family!

Today, I met two new host families. The first was an older couple whose daughter is a news anchor. The second was a single mother with two sons, one a year younger than me and one a little older than

(no title)

7TH APRIL 2014 Found my way to church yesterday:) received very warm hospitality and one family said i could visit them anytime to have dinner or something like that:) it’s slightly bigger than my church in Tokyo. A guy from

North Shore Cruising | Hawaii

Though I am not currently traveling abroad, I happen to be from a destination that many people consider to be “foreign”.  I am lucky to be able to call Hawaii home and would love to show you all around it

London Meditation 1 (Homework Assignment)

The Tower of London The Tower of London was created in 1066 by William the Conqueror to keep hostile Londoners away from himself. In the 1080s the work on the White Tower began. In 1101 the first known prisoner at


these are the majority of my pictures from my trip to Morocco about a month ago. I went with a company called Discover Excursions and it was a super cool experience. Basically Morocco is a second world country. It isn’t

How to Type French Accents on American Keyboard

All students of French have been there. Typing a French paper until you come across the dreaded French accent. There are so many of them and copying/pasting or inserting the symbol slows you down. Well the ALT control is now


So I’m way behind on posting things that I’ve done, so this is me catching up on all this stuff so I’m sorry this is old news but I need to update it. About a month ago 2 of my

(no title)

5TH APRIL 2014 So today was the was the clubs and circles orientation. I kinda made up my mins on trying figure skating so I slept in till like 1pm:/ and then went to school. We were suppose to gather


We visited the Eternal City last Sunday, and while it wasn’t an extensive trip, I got some shots I’d like to share with you all!  

People Who Make Me Feel Welcome in Their Country: Volume II

Corner Store Guy Yes, another person who’s name I don’t know. He owns a corner store at the end of my block, hence the name. He sells fresh meats and cheeses, DeCecco products at low low prices, beverages, snacks and

There’s a new cowgirl in town!

Hidiho Cowboy! Last week we finally had springbreak. Our school ended on Thursday, my friend Victoria and I wanted to start springbreak of in a fun way and she had been telling me a lot about this little French restaurant

Update and Changes

Hello all. A lot has happened since my last update, the most important being that I booked my flight.  I’ll be taking US Airways to JFK and then Aer Lingus to Ireland.  I also received my PASSPORT yesterday.  I had

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

I head back to the States tomorrow and I’m stressin’ to the max. Had an awesome one last night out last night and I’m so, so grateful for all the good things that have happened this week. (I’m getting an

Host Family Visits: Take four!

So as many of you know, I am living with Marcela, a 50-something year-old Chilean mother. I made the decision to change host families about two weeks ago. The main reason being that her nosiness turned into me being interrogated

Spring break in California.

Hi all! Only 6 weeks until my semester ends and I return to the UK, hard to believe my study abroad experience here is coming to an end so soon, but that’s a post for another time. Last month we

Family Comes to Visit

Hi everyone!  I had an amazing second week of Spring Break and I am excited to tell you about it!  I am still unable to insert a lot of pictures in my posts, so you can look at my families

Afroreggae: a Brazilian NGO making changes in the favelas through music and culture

Banging. Pounding. The sound of a music suffocates the room as students learn to play the percussion in an AfroReggae workshop in Vigário, a favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Similar to these workshops, AfroReggae also offers weekly Afro-Brazilian dance

(no title)

2ND APRIL 2014 Had dinner tgt after the entrance ceremony I ate that whole pizza:/

(no title)

2ND APRIL 2014 So we had the entrance ceremony today for Osaka university. It’s quite interesting . Don’t think we have such stuff in Singapore but Singapore has like orientation camps:) my 1000¥ emergency black shoes almost killed my feet.

Living Like a Queen-Day at Versailles

  As I approached the famous gates of Versailles, the first thing I noticed was a herd of tour buses parked outside. Then the amount of people in line. It was comparable to waiting for Space Mountain at Disneyland. The

What We Share

Dear Reader, Today, 2 April, is World Autism Awareness Day! Today’s the day to “Light It Up Blue” and share an act of kindness with an individual with autism. Autism now affects 1 in every 68 children, which is up

Terremoto: More Than Just a Drink

Last night, there was an earthquake in the North of Chile, near Antofagasta, that measured a whopping 8.2 on the Richter scale. I, living in Viña del Mar, 890 miles away, was unaffected. I slept right through the tsunami sirens

Intensive French Courses in Paris

Intensive French Courses in the Latin Quarter of Paris An intensive French language programme in Paris for those keen to improve their French language skills very quickly These intensive French courses in Paris are designed to ensure systematic progress in

Some things I love about Ireland…

Hi everyone! I still have to write about my second week of break and the trip to London I just got back from, but first I wanted to write a little bit on my love for Ireland. It was leaving

Tsunami warnings and earthquakes

Hello everyone, I just wanted to let any friends and family who have been following my adventures in Chile know that I am fine. Tonight there was an earthquake (8.3 magnitude) off the coast of northern Chile. We are fine

Help Me Out? :)

People probably won’t look at this but why not. HEY, GUYS. I NEED YOUR HELP? Okay so this upcoming August I am going to Rome, Italy to study for the Fall semester at John Cabot University. This is a big deal to

It’s okay to be homesick

Okay, so I’m normally a very private person about the real stuff but let’s be honest, I’m 6,000 miles and a 8 hour time difference from home. Study abroad is great…I would never trade it for the world. I mean,

Year abroad?

I’m new to this, but hello! I’ll explain my situation. I have applied to do BSc American Studies (4 years with year abroad) & BSc American Studies (3 years with semester abroad). I take my exams in May/June & find

Countdown to Colombia: 52 Days

Today I said ‘goodbye’ to $151.25 so I could say ‘hello’ to a passport. Here’s a quick rundown of the cost of a U.S. Passport Book: $110 actually goes towards the passport and the Department of State. $1.25 – “Domestic

Change of plans

I just got done talking with my housing coordinator, Sergio. As you know, we were supposed to meet new host families tonight but he couldn’t make us appointments until next Wednesday. I’m a bit bummed out about not being able

Graduated… Am I still allowed to post?

I’m sad that I didn’t get to update my blog so often… a lot of stuff happened.  Let’s see… 1.  I switched from the Animation department to Game Design from my second year in school (although I still consider myself

It’s a Whole New World and I’m Just Here to Experience It [My first experience using a Japanese public bath]

[I should just warn people that this post will be awkward. I apologize. For those who know me well (close friends, family), it shouldn't be too bad. For those who have never met me, I don't care. For those who

The Final Sprint Begins

My scorching summer has come to a close. The temperature is dropping and nightfall cuts the day shorter and shorter each day. Our official entrance into autumn began on March 14th, which was the first day of classes for all

Lotte World at Night

So Lotte World had a special night event where we stayed inside the park from 11 pm to 5 am. While there I got to see Wheesung perform. Overall it was a great night of ride hopping, performances and food.

London Shenanigans!

So, I went to London yesterday It was really, really good. I got to see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye, houses of parliament, where Prince Harry supposedly lives, Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square, and of course the Thames. Wanted

A time to celebrate new beginnings [a gif compilation of my life the past 2 weeks]

Like they always say, when one door closes, another one opens. The other day, myself and 4 other fabulous students completed our 7 week intensive language course. Tears may or may have not been shed by the others, but, speaking

UK Credits are weird lol

So I’m attempting to finish my application for the University of Birmingham. Looking at all the different “modules” I could take next year I have further realized how different next year is going to be. In trying to pick classes

“We’re teaching a Canadian how to Braai” and other things about climbing

Last Thursday I piled into Kirsten’s SUV for the long weekend along with four others and all their climbing, camping, food supplies. We fit in like tetris blocks for a 3-hour drive to Waterval Boven in Mpumalanga – a one hour

Hong Kong #22: Shenzhen + Guangzhou + Jiangmen.

Finally I’ve got some time to sit down and blog about my last weekend 3 days 3 cities backpacking trip through Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Jiangmen. For those of you who don’t know about these three cities, they’re just hours away

First Part Submitted!

Officially sent in my application for EPIK and the SMOE! Took me long enough, right? The SMOE is really short and easy to fill out. It only really calls for your passport number, and if you will be eligible for

Malaria and Typhoid and Yellow Fever…oh my!

So, I went to the doctor today, and because I was the first person to show up from my study abroad group, I got the special privilege of sitting in the exam room for an hour while I waited for

Friends Come to Visit!

Hi everyone! The first week of my spring break, my boyfriend Luke, his brother Kyle, and their two friends came to Ireland to visit.  It was so great to spend some time with friends, and I am really happy they


Holy crow, so yesterday afternoon I had my life made by traveling into Cardiff Bay for the Doctor Who Experience. It was absolutely fantastic and I’m glad that I got the opportunity to go. It ranks towards the top of

ohh sayy can you seeeee!

A plethora of Brits were chanting “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN” on the bus last night going into town, so my ~obvious~ reaction was to sing (horribly, might I add) the Star Spangled Banner with the fellow Americans. I’ve been privileged enough